AATIF and Coris Bank International Burkina Forge €25m Partnership to Boost Agricultural Sector in Burkina Faso

Strategic Collaboration Aims to Catalyze Growth and Strengthen Digital Infrastructure

In a move set to invigorate Burkina Faso’s agricultural landscape, the Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF) has unveiled a landmark collaboration with Coris Bank International Burkina (CBI). This strategic alliance introduces a substantial EUR 25 million loan facility aimed at amplifying agricultural development within the nation.

The partnership’s core objective is to furnish crucial financial backing to Burkina Faso’s burgeoning agricultural industry. Leveraging Coris Bank International Burkina’s profound expertise in agricultural finance and services, the facility will extend an array of tailored financial products, including working capital solutions, guarantees, and technical assistance services encompassing financial education and entrepreneurship training.

AATIF will additionally assume a pivotal role in bolstering CBI’s digital transformation endeavors by co-financing the augmentation of digital infrastructure and the implementation of advanced risk management systems. This initiative underscores a joint commitment to modernize and streamline operations within the agricultural finance sector.

Representatives from both AATIF and CBI have expressed optimism regarding the partnership’s potential to catalyze growth within Burkina Faso’s agricultural sector. By aligning with the government’s agricultural industrialization program, CBI aims to expand its influence within the sector, fostering economic resilience and sustainability.

Coris Bank International Burkina (CBI) stands as a prominent member of the West African banking landscape, dedicated to driving economic development across various sectors, including construction, mining, agriculture, and trade. With a footprint spanning nine sub-Saharan African countries, CBI operates a specialized unit committed to inclusive and green finance, specifically tailored to the agricultural sector.

For further details, please visit Coris Bank International Burkina’s website.

The Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF), primarily funded by the German Cooperation and the European Commission, embodies an impact investor’s ethos, dedicated to advancing the food and agricultural sector across Africa. Through the provision of patient capital and technical assistance, AATIF empowers agribusinesses of all scales and financial institutions operating within the sector. AATIF’s investment focus spans the entirety of the agriculture value chain, offering ticket sizes ranging from USD 3.5 million to USD 30 million per project, with a maximum tenor of 12 years. The fund receives advisory support from DWS.



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Source: https://www.aatif.lu/news-detail/aatif-grants-a-eur-25-million-loan-to-coris-bank-international-burkina-cbi.html

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