Africa Contemporary Farmers brings to you a synopsis and a quarterly publication of Agricultural & Risk Management topics in Magazines whose very purpose is to provide readers with compelling content, new trends, thought-provoking topics and inspirations regarding your company’s continued innovations in technology, the effective application of your products as well as the said benefits of choosing your very products in and for Agricultural practices.

Key objective drives and the very purpose of our endeavors is the idea to facilitate the growth of a sustainable supplier-farmer ecosystem based on the principles of environmental stewardship, professionalism, availability, proximity, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency; as well as the principles of sustainable development in this volatile or rather versatile Global Free Market Economy.

Whilst it might appeal very hard to maintain stronger backward and forward links between buyers and sellers, between consumers and producers especially in the face of a stiff and competitive market where information has become a premium resource and recipe for success; we as Africa Contemporary Farmers would argue that hard does not necessarily imply impossible.

We have gathered a strong and determined team that is constantly working in research and development, product testing, monitoring and evaluation just to determine facts about your business and the general validation of your product/service for the purposes of marketing and sales. We use the conclusive facts as market penetration or customer retention tools for your business and in many instances for referrals.

We have a commitment to deliver hot topics about products, companies or trends in the industry that we will the present to our readers in easy readable formats and upon our verified portals for business. After every quarterly publication, we aim to excite you with new developments about a particular subject of interest in Key Notes on our next issue. We accept and appreciate your feedback regarding our products and services as we continue to grow and expand in our business dealings.

We applaud all our staff for their tireless and relentless pursuit for success that has eventually led to the publication of this magazine edition. It is our sincere hope that you will have a happy reading!