We are calling all our stakeholders, big and small who would like to use this opportunity to advertise their products or services in the Agriculture and Farming Industry. We have a broad spectrum of issues or subjects that we cover some of which are but not limited to;

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  • AgriTech – Machinery, Equipment, Tools, Accessories e.g Vehicles, Trucks, Drones, Gardening Tools etc
  • Green Farming and Sustainable Development Practices
  • Aqua Farming & Backyard Farming
  • Horticulture
  • Livestock and Poultry
  • Irrigation and Water Harvesting
  • Floral Farming
  • Citric and Fruit Farming

We invite all businesses and suppliers of vast technologies, and means to farming and agriculture to advertise with us. We have a commitment to deliver hot topics about products, companies or trends in the industry that we will then present to our readers in easy readable formats and upon our verified portals for business. 


Our key objective drives and the very purpose of our endeavors is the idea to facilitate the growth of a sustainable supplier-farmer ecosystem based on the principles of environmental stewardship, professionalism, availability, proximity, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency; as well as the principles of sustainable development in this volatile or rather versatile Global Free Market Economy.

We are confident of handling most of the challenges that seller and buyers of services are facing as we strengthen backward and forward links that may exist whilst creating links where they might not exist. Get in touch with us, we have a plan for you.


  • We are a trusted and registered brand compliant at every level.
  • We produce well designed, easily readable publications in both print and digital formats.
  • Our sites are responsive and user friendly for all our stakeholders. We use good fonts and layouts for ease of access and convenience for all.
  • We have a long lasting relationship with a great deal of small to large scale enterprises which makes us a trustable brand.
  • Our distribution networks are broad. We supply our greater Africa audience both print and digital copies of our magazines in high resolution.
  • We have strong readership and a great traffic on our website.
  • You are assured to get weekly newsletters of recent stories that we post
  • We are available on various social media platforms so that you can follow up on stories and developments that are taking place regarding our business.

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Roodepoort, Johannesburg
South Africa