Agrico’s Innovative Irrigation Solution: Transforming Agriculture in Botswana’s Tuli Block

Project Spotlight: Agrico’s Innovative Irrigation Solution

  • Location: Tuli Block, Southern Botswana (-22.237706 E, 28.996540 S)
  • Crops: Cash crops, maize, and sugar beans
  • Completion Date: Phase 1 – March 2018, Phase 2 – Planned to start April 2021
  • Size: Phase 1 – 380 Ha, Phase 2 – 105 Ha
  • Scope: 24 Center pivots, 3 Pump stations, 3 Distribution dams, Multiple boreholes


Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Botswana’s Tuli Block lies the Kwanantle project, a testament to agricultural innovation in the face of adversity. In a region where water scarcity looms large, Agrico rose to the challenge, crafting a pioneering irrigation solution that defied constraints and unlocked new possibilities for sustainable agriculture.

The Challenge: Water Restrictions in a Water-Rich Region

What happens when a farm sits between two water sources but is forbidden from tapping into either? This was the conundrum facing the Kwanantle project. Located between the Motloutse and Limpopo rivers, the farm was prohibited from accessing water from either source, presenting a formidable obstacle to irrigation efforts.

Agrico’s Solution: Harnessing Underground Water with Ingenuity

Undeterred by the water restrictions, Agrico devised a groundbreaking solution that harnessed the untapped potential of underground water sources. By drilling over 17 boreholes parallel to the Motloutse river, the team secured a reliable water supply to feed three strategically positioned reservoirs along the farm’s northern boundary. This innovative approach not only circumvented the water restrictions but also minimized capital expenses and operational costs.

Integration and Implementation: Merging Innovation with Existing Infrastructure

With the groundwork laid, Agrico seamlessly integrated the boreholes into the farm’s existing infrastructure. From trenching for mainlines to constructing pump stations, every aspect of the project was meticulously planned and executed. The result? A cohesive irrigation network that maximized efficiency and minimized environmental impact.

Pioneering a Path to Sustainable Agriculture

In a region where water scarcity threatens agricultural livelihoods, Agrico’s innovative irrigation solution serves as a beacon of hope. By leveraging technology, expertise, and ingenuity, the Kwanantle project not only ensures food security but also fosters sustainable development in Botswana’s agricultural heartland.

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