Beware the Rising Danger: Lion-like Cross Breeds of Dogs Pose Threat to Humans and Animals in Africa

Very aggressive new forms of dogs posing great danger to people and livestock.

In recent years, a disturbing trend has emerged in the world of dog breeding, with an alarming rise in dangerous cross breeds that possess traits akin to lions or larger felines. These cross breeds, which can exhibit aggressive behavior, have become a serious hazard to both humans and other animals. Reported cases in South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria highlight the severity of the issue, leaving communities and authorities deeply concerned about the safety of their citizens and pets.

The threat posed by these aggressive cross breeds cannot be understated. Incidents of dogs brutally attacking people have seen a significant uptick, leading to severe injuries, psychological trauma, and in some tragic cases, even loss of life. Data collected from reported cases in South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria serve as a stark reminder of the extent of this problem.

In South Africa, dog attacks have reached alarming proportions, with a staggering increase of 45% in reported incidents over the past two years. Shockingly, this includes several instances where cross breeds, bred for their strength and intimidating appearance, have displayed aggression similar to that of large wild cats. These attacks have left victims scarred, physically and emotionally, with long-term consequences.

Ghana has also witnessed a disturbing surge in dog attacks, particularly from dangerous cross breeds. Authorities have reported a sharp rise of 60% in the past year alone. Victims have recounted harrowing tales of unprovoked attacks, with some dogs exhibiting predatory behavior reminiscent of larger carnivores. The frequency and severity of these incidents have prompted urgent calls for action to address the breeding and ownership of these dangerous cross breeds.

Nigeria, too, has grappled with the consequences of this perilous trend. Reported cases of dog attacks have shown a distressing increase of 55% over the past three years, leaving communities deeply concerned for their safety. Many incidents involve cross breeds that possess a combination of physical traits and aggression reminiscent of larger predatory animals. The rise in attacks has prompted heightened calls for stricter regulations and breeding standards to mitigate the risks associated with these dangerous dogs.

The escalating number of attacks perpetrated by these aggressive cross breeds demands immediate attention. Communities are advocating for stricter regulations surrounding breeding practices, ownership requirements, and responsible pet ownership education. The goal is to ensure the safety of both humans and animals while discouraging the proliferation of these dangerous cross breeds.

As authorities in South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria grapple with this growing menace, it is clear that urgent action is needed to address the hazards posed by dangerous cross breeding in the canine world. The protection of public safety and the well-being of communities must take precedence. By implementing comprehensive regulations, raising public awareness, and enforcing responsible breeding practices, societies can strive to create a safer environment for all, free from the threat of these aggressive cross breeds. (Mike Visser, 8 July 2023)

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