Chemical Control for “Tomato Leaf Miner”

Horticulture crops are most likely to be affected

Tomato farmers have suffered massive loses as a result of “tomato leaf miner”. This invasive pest can destroy an entire tomato farm, grown in an open field or in a greenhouse if no effective measures are taken.

Tomato leaf miner also attacks potatoes. Infested tomatoes have reduced yields and fruit quality. A Dyk plantation for tomatoes in Impala Park Springs is one farm affected by this deadly scourge.

According to Mr Chris Reynack Farm owner, “The main damage is noticed in the leaves and fruits, but flowers and Strems can also be affected, the distinctive symptoms are blotch-shaped mines in the leaves! “He added.

South African Agrochemicals’ Mr Karl Dawkins says adult tomato leaf miner has a grey-brown colour about 6mm in size, a wing span of 10mm with silver grey scales. Male leaf miner monts are darker than females. Leaf miner Larvae are about 9mm when fully grown with a pinkish colour on their back. When maturing, leaf miner larva turn yellow-green and a black band develops behind the head.

Winter ploughing, crop rotations, removal of affected leaves and destruction of infested tomato, can be done as a cultural control, explained Mr Dawkins.

As a control measure, these chemicals are most convenient. Ampligo, this chemical is an ambush for tomato leaf miner. Having a quick knockdown on the insect. Cartap, is a contact and systematic insecticide. Coragen is also a recommended remedy against the destructive insect. Belt is a contact insecticide, it’s a low dose chemical. Steward, is another proven chemical against this leaf miner. It is widely used in other Sub-Saharaan countries, it’s also a contact insecticide.

All these chemicals can walk a mile in preventing and protecting farmers’ plants from attacks of this deadly disease and S.A Agrochemicals has all these chemicals!…advised Mr Dawkins..

By L. Siziba

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