Chicken Business the new dream business for young women in Senegal, Darou Diadji

Amadou is a young Senegalese female entrepreneur from Darou Diadji who has managed to start her chicken farming business at a tender age. She realized her dream after receiving an inheritance from her late father a sum of money amounting to US$50 in 2019. At this time Amadou had to balance between going to school and managing her business because she was yet to graduate from Grade 12 High School. As a young 17 years old woman, she has struggled in managing the business from the general procurement to the sophisticated business finance management and accounting having no accounting background, support from relatives or any other business professional.

“After 2 years of trial and error and having to stop schooling due to financial problems, my business was fully set and had grown extensively and with an a profound clientele base” she explained.

“Young African Women need to get into agricultural or farming business. There are endless opportunities and chances to make it in life. Education is good but do not limit yourself to what you read. Explore what is out there and realise a need. That’s where your break through is”

“I started with 30 traditional chickens that I was selling for meat that time. I then started rearing broilers and that has been my major business since then to date even though I also keep chickens for eggs at the farm.” – Amadou.

Up to date Amadou supplies weekly to at least 15 major patents who are into retail and restaurant business all over Senegal. With the help of The International Youth Foundation in Senegal, Tammy has managed to grow her business from an initial capital of US$50. To date, it is estimated that Amadou has a net worth of about US$90 000.00.

Her chicken story has inspired many young women aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Tammy has taken an initiative to educate those who are willing to learn how to start a successful business. Even though she usually has a tight schedule, Amadou has set up several business seminars for young aspiring business people at high school level and even at college level. Since she started she has managed to hold several business seminars in different schools including Cheikh Anta Diop University. – Ryan .C

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