Harvest is Nigh In Sub-Saharan Africa as the Second Quota of the Year Begins

“It’s hands on for Cabbage growers in Omusati Region of Namibia”

The greater half of the continent has experienced a fair share of rain and in most cases flooding during this farming season. Even though in some parts of the continent such as Zimbabwe and South Africa that has experienced flooding in some regions, It has been a good season for Cabbage growers in Omusati who have begun harvesting their produce. Speaking in an interview with Mr. J. Shikongo a crop grower in the outskates of Omusati Region, a bumper harvest is expected regardless of the many challenges that the farmer pointed out to have affected or to have significantly impacted on the his business. Amongst many of the challenges sited, the region has suffered a spread of vegetable eating catapillars. Mr Shikongo noted that his family managed to deal with the problem throught the use of pesticides that they have acquired.

“Unlike any other year, it appears that this year has been a blessing to most of us particularly in this region especially that we do not get to receive government funding for our projects. Most of our farming are out of our own efforts and hard work just to make sure we put something on the table”, Mr Shikongo pointed out. The general trend has been a constant use and heavy dependence on the use of natural fertilizers and traditional farming practices to ensure effectiveness in farming.

According to Mr Shikongo, most farmers or villagers have already started engaging potential buyers and retailers of their farming produce. Mr Shikongo in particular intends to sell his produce to a big wholesale or retail brand because he believes it is time for him to develop mutual and long lasting business relations with these companies for the benefit of his business in the long run.

Cabbages are one of the mostly traded items on the market constituting at least 36% of horticultural products formally traded on the market in Namibia according to statistics produced by Namibian Agronomic Board. Preparations are already underway for winter crops because growing of crops is the life in Omusati Region in Namibia. -Ryan .C

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