Revolutionizing Livestock Feeding with ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixers

In the ever-evolving agricultural landscape, efficiency, durability, and precision have become the cornerstones of modern farming equipment. Among the remarkable innovations transforming livestock feeding practices, the ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer stands out as a game-changer, embodying a blend of advanced technology and robust engineering.

Precision in Feeding

At the heart of the ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer lies its primary purpose: achieving homogeneous mixing of different feed types for livestock. This ensures that every animal receives a consistent and nutritionally balanced diet, crucial for their health and productivity. The optional digital weighing system, complete with a ration program, enables farmers to precisely adjust feed quantities, optimizing feed utilization and minimizing waste.

Engineering Excellence

The engineering marvels within the ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer contribute significantly to its superior performance. Equipped with double augers and specially alloyed, heat-treated blades, this machine excels in productivity. The innovative mixing and cutting system not only ensures homogeneous feed but also boasts an impressive 50% reduction in energy consumption. This dual benefit of enhanced efficiency and lower operational costs is a testament to ArmaTrac’s commitment to sustainable farming solutions.

Durability and Reliability

Farmers need equipment that can withstand the rigors of daily use, and the ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer delivers on this front with aplomb. Its strong blade design and heavy-duty chassis are built to last, ensuring long-term reliability. The strengthened helix springs and high-quality hydraulic system further enhance its robustness, making it a trusted partner in livestock feeding operations.

Convenience and Support

Understanding the practical needs of farmers, ArmaTrac has integrated features that enhance convenience and support. The optional two-sided discharge conveyor facilitates flexible and efficient feeding line management. Additionally, the widespread and experienced service network, coupled with easy-to-find spare parts, ensures that maintenance and repairs are hassle-free. With a two-year warranty, ArmaTrac provides peace of mind, reinforcing its reputation for quality and dependability.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

The ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer’s design is not just about operational excellence but also about being economically and environmentally responsible. Its low fuel consumption and energy-efficient operation align with the global push towards sustainable farming practices. By reducing energy use, it lowers both the carbon footprint and operating costs, offering a win-win for farmers and the environment.


The ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer represents a significant advancement in agricultural machinery, designed with the farmer’s needs at the forefront. Its combination of precision, durability, efficiency, and support makes it an indispensable tool for modern livestock farming. As agriculture continues to embrace technological innovations, machines like the ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer will undoubtedly lead the way in enhancing productivity and sustainability.

For farmers seeking a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution to livestock feeding, the ArmaTrac Horizontal Feed Mixer is an investment that promises to deliver exceptional returns, both in terms of productivity and peace of mind.

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