Solar Farming

“the next big thing in African Agricultural & Farming Practices. Embraced by
Small Scale Farmers”

“Solar Powered Irrigation Systems & Solar Electricals”

Changing times in the African continent. Power shortages are becoming the order of the day for most Low Income Earning Countries. According to studies, 2 out of 3 countries in Africa are facing power shortages resulting from various economic and political causes. Tanzania has not been spared in this crisis that has devastated the continent. Power outages have significantly and adversely

affected production and the economics of the country.

According to sources, the farming industry has been significantly affected by power shortages. Most of the contemporary farming technologies are electrically powered. Constant power shortages have rendered business ineffective for Maize and Vegetable producers around Dakawa Municipality, Tanzania. The government has however managed to­ eradicate to some of these challenges. Tanzania like any other African country has been left with no choice but to adopt an Integrated Agricultural Development Plan that would ensure sustained growth and performance of the agricultural sector. ­Through this initiative partner agents as the USA and China are playing a pivotal role in skills and technological support as well as financial support to ensure that there is restoration and growth in the agricultural sector.

The Dakawa Irrigation Scheme is one of the results of this international engagement as a policy option in alleviating poverty and promoting agriculture in Tanzania.

The agenda is to promote productivity, capacitate Farmers practicing horticulture both at small and large scale, improving access by farmers and as well capacitating the relevant institutions. Solar Power Systems have proved to be a reliable solution to problems of power outages in the Dakawa Municipality. Farmers have been offered a chance to perform their activities in time and not suffer challenges associated with power outages. Vegetable growers have also benefited from this program. Storage and refridgeration has improved for their perishable goods. This has positively contributed to production and growth in the region.

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