Sustainable Water & Electrical Prepaid Meters

Landlords / Body Corporates / Managing Agents / Universities/Colleges Lodges / Holiday/Agricultural Accommodation

We have various options of purchasing electricity, reporting statements and payment solutions. Customers will make use of our easy to use automated billing and money collection system online. Easy statement downloads, revenue protection reporting to identify tampering and/or losses, monitoring and continuous service and support from Prepaid CityMeters. Typically, remote accommodation where public retail outlets are not easily accessible to top up their meters: our Self Vending is a great solution which enables the landlords to provide prepaid tokens to their tenants. We also have a solution for aircons in lodges that will avoid high electricity bills.

Office Buildings / Retail / Commercial / Sport Facilities

We offer solutions on collecting Revenue from multiple end-consumers. In the Commercial field any scale of supply is not an issue. We cater for all commercial properties. Billing tariffs on any complexity could be achieved through our pre-paid system. Our customers find peace of mind through our automated Revenue collection methods. We welcome shopping malls, large office buildings, golf courses, theme parks etc.
Industrial / Mining

We cater for all customers, both small to large scale industrial clients. The application can cater from 60amp supply to as large as 600amp’s +. You can use this meter as a virtual smart meter to collect revenue. We offer you profiles with a dashboard as the end consumer or client enabling you to view half hour intervals on your load demand. This information can be used to cut curves or to monitor your load distribution to machinery, grinding mills, conveyor belts operations, boilers etc.

Onsite Meter Evaluation

To assist and confirm what requirements are needed to install a prepaid meter (water/ electrical).

Any adhoc fault finding on site that require solutions.

Electrical Meter Evaluation Application Form
Water Meter Evaluation Application Form


All electrical work is done according to SANS 10142 (SABS 0142) standards however, CoC (Certificate of Compliance) is not included in this quotation unless explicitly specified in the quotation. You are advised that following any electrical installation and repairs you must get an updated Certificate of Compliance (CoC). You are free to choose any certified electrician to give you an updated certificate of compliance.

Should installer not be able to get access to premises and / or not be able to install meter/s due to no fault of installer; then you will be charged an additional callout fee per each callout +R600 per every hour that the installer has to wait without ability to proceed with installation.

For safety reasons, electricity and water meter installations are prohibited after 17:00. Weekend installations are booked at sole discretion of Prepaid CityMeters. Consideration of weekend installations will be only for the Gauteng area and charged at an extra 15% of total installation quotation.

Triple Tamper Detection: All integrated keypad meters are by DEFAULT Tamper Detection in addition to which we provide Security Seals and Software Tamper Alerts for further tamper detection and risk protection. We only cater for active/ constant metering.


Vending Options:


1. Where and how the tokens must be purchased.
2. We have partnerships with all the major channel stores nationwide via CIGICELL, EASYPAY and major banks for buying tokens (i.e. Shoprite, EasyPal, PicknPay, Checkers, Usave, Woolworths, Game, PEP, FNB, Makro, Mass, Vodacom, MasterPass, Ackermans, Luwis, Top it Up,Boxer. 
3. Vending system allows for full recovery of the units utilized.
4. Revenue collection, for various Streams via our vending system:
4.1. RENTAL RECOVERY – Enquire within
4.2. Tailor made solutions for revenue collection, including fixed charges (i.e. sewer monthly charges and PIKITUP refuse)
4.3. Arrears collection
5. Meter migration – changing vending provider.


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Whatsapp:+27 67 084 2214

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